Commerce City, Colorado

Veterans 1970s
ACHS 1970
Tim Kirkbride, Navy:  He enlisted in the Navy in 1971 and rode submarines for 6 years.

ACHS 1971

ACHS 1972

ACHS 1973

ACHS 1974
Joseph Chacon, 
Navy: Honorable Discharge
Joseph Doyle, Air Force:
Donald McLamb, Navy: - SEABEEs - (Mobilized- until May 2006)
Rusty Shaw, Marines: He served from 1975 to 1979 as a L/CPL.  His assignment was 0311.
Cheryl Willoughby Garland, Air Force: She served in the Air Force from 1975-1979 as a Sgt. She was assigned to Spangdahlem, Germany, Niagara Falls, NY. She received an honorable discharge.

ACHS 1975

ACHS 1976
Mike Chavez , Marines: He joined the Marines March of 1976. He traveled all over the Far East and southern California for 5 years.
Susan Einwiller (Quarles), Army: She served in the Army from 1976 to 1982 as a Specialist. She was assigned to Nuernberg, Germany, Fort Bragg, NC, and Fort Riley, KS. She also served for six years in the Army Reserves in Denver, CO.
Lloyd (Skip) Limp, Marines: 22 years.

Ronald McLamb, Army:  He enlisted for three years as a Radio Voice operator. He was in Germany.
Mark Oates, Navy: He spent four years as a radioman in the Navy.
Sheldon Sheffield, Air Force: He retired from the US Air Force after 24 years.

ACHS 1977
Sean Elliott, Marines:   He spent 4 years in the Marines serving in Okinawa and 29 Palms, CA and was discharged in 1981.
Richard Howlett, Navy:  He enlisted after graduation. 
Gary Lorang, Army: Retired.

ACHS 1978
Eli Lucero, Air Force: He served in the Air Force from 1984 to 2010 as a Master Sergeant. He was assigned to Kalkar, German, Vandenberg Air Force Base in CA, Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, Carswell Air Force Base in Texas, Langley Air Force Base in VA, and Zaragoza Spain
ACHS 1979
Glenn Bowman: He spent 21 years in the military.
Tracy Chacon Hemphill, Army: Sgt. 7th Special Forces, Fort Bragg, NC
Dale "Fuzzy" Coffman, Navy:
Lige Lewis, Navy: Went
to anf fighting in South West Asia. Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and received Navy Accomodation Medal
Barry Sisson, Navy: 
Retired from the Navy after 24 years
Ruben Urquidez, Army: He was in Germany from February 1981 to August 1982. He also was in Spain and France.