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Christopher Scott Fiske, Marine Corp: Navy: 1995-2015.  E6. His a ssignments were the USS Kitty Hawk 1996-2001, Fleet Activities Yoosuka Japan 2001-2005 ,SWFPAC Bangor, WA 2005-2009. He is currently serving in MSRON 7 Guam 2009-Present.
Jerry Martinez, 

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Michael Joesph Dobson, Air Force
: E-4. He served three years  at Hill AFB and Ali Salem AFB, Kuwait

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Luis Calzada, Marines: He joined the US Marine Corps in April 2001. After basic training he was stationed at Camp Lejuene, NC from 2001 to 2005. He was an Infantry Machine Gunner (0331) with 1/6 Wpns. CO, CAAT Plt.  In 2004 he was deployed to Afghanistan, did combat missions. In 2005 He got out of the Marine Corps.  In 2007 he reenlisted in the Colorado Army National Guard as a MP. he is currently stationed in Iraq.
Serena Hokkanen Roberts, Marine Reserves: She was on active duty for 4 of her 8 years as a Reservist. During that time she was deployed to Texas, England, Germany, Washington D.C. Iraq, and finally Colorado.

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