Commerce City, Colorado

friends.htm Friendship

If friends were flowers I would want a whole bunch just like you. 

Good friends are like fancy chocolates - it's what's inside that 
makes them special. 

The best antiques to collect are olde friends. 

The fabric of friendship will never wear ragged. 

Miles may separate as we go along, but the bond between friends 
is ever strong. 

In your chain of friendship consider me a link. 

Blessings come in many ways but the best come as friends. 

A true friend warms you by her presence - trusts you with her secrets - remembers you in her prayers. 

As treasured keepsakes warm the home, Cherished friendships 
warm the heart. 

If friends were flowers, I'd pick you. 

Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you 
always know they are there.

Friends are flowers that never fade. 

Friend, you have sown flowers along the side roads of my life. 

Friends are everblooming flowers in the garden of the heart. 

A friend is a flower in life's garden. 

Friends are the best collectibles.

Friends are the flowers of life. 

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can 
sing it back when you've forgotten the words.

Keeping in touch keeps friendship growing. 

Thanks for BEE-ing my friend.  (picture of bee) 

A true friend is one who thinks you're a good egg, even though you're
slightly cracked. 

Friends add joy to our happiness and hope to our sorrow. 

Friends bring sunshine into our hearts.

A friend is a - Push when you're stopped - Word when you're lonely - Guide
when you're searching - Smile when you're sad - Song when you're glad. 

Fill our homes with friends and our hearts with love. 

Friendship is a treasure with a value beyond measure.

Friends together from the start, Friends forever, in our hearts.

A friend is often on your mind but always in your heart.

Friends fill your life with joy, your soul with sunshine and your
heart with love. 

The ornaments of a house are the friends who frequent it. 

Anything that's nice to do, is nicer shared with friends like you. 

Chance made us neighbors - Hearts made us friends. 

Visit a friend's home often....the road is never long and weeds will fill an 
unused path. 

Miles may separate as life goes along, but the bond between friends 
remains ever strong. 

Hugs to a special friend. 

Friendship is to people as sunshine is to flowers. 

When friends are united in the heart, it matters not they're miles apart. 

Friendship is a special gift tied with a ribbon of love. 

A friend always knows when you need a hug. 

A friend is a rare book of which but one copy is made. 

A good friend remembers your birthday....but not which one. 

Nothing warms the heart like a good friend.

The heart is a garden
That always has room
For the flowers of kindness
And friendship that blooms!
The beauty of friendship -
As every friend knows -
Is the loveliest blossom
In the heart where it grows!

Friends are always welcome. 

Friends are the marshmallows in the hot chocolate of life. 

In the cookies of life, friends are the chocolate chips, and sometimes the nuts. 

Friends are the jelly on the peanut butter of life. 

Friendship is like good coffee...warm, rich and strong. 

Good coffee - warm words - special friend. 

The doors of this house are open wide to welcome all our friends inside. 

Glad we are friends. 

When I count my blessings, I count you twice.

Friendships are sewn one stitch at a time. 

Life is a patchwork of good friends. 

The only thing better than a good friend is a good friend with a bag of M&Ms! 

You'll always be my best friend - you know too much! 

Secret Pal by chance - Friend by choice. 

Good friends are like valentine candy - it's what's inside that makes 
them special. 

We may not see each other often but it's nice to know you're out there. 

I was just thinking about what a good friend you are...And I thought 
I'd tell you so. 

If friendship were a flower (picture) I'd give you a bouquet. 

Your friendship was heaven "scent".   (picture of skunk) 

Life is a patchwork of good friends. 

Friendship - the music of laughter, hearts full of song. 

Special friends share special memories. 

Friendship is work of heart. (picture of heart) 

The seasons may come and go but friends last forever. 

Friendship Garden
Friendship, like a garden, starts out with little seeds.
Kindness, love and laughter that fulfills each other's needs.
With patience, understanding and tender loving care,
A friendship everlasting the two of us will share.

Friendships, like memories, are treasures of the heart. 

A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 

When the news is all bad and the sky is all gray and the chocolate is all gone, 
it's good to remember I've got a friend like you. 

A friend is someone who sees you as you wish you were and likes you as 
you really are. 

Letters/e-mail are visits when friends are apart. 

When friends are united in the heart, it matters not they're miles apart. 

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. 

Friends are like chocolate....great to have around anytime. 

Good friends make the nicest company. 

Friendship is a work of heart. 

Friends are never a burden....they help lighten the load. 

Bless our home with love and fill it with the love of friends.

Count your garden by the flowers,
Never by leaves that fall.
Count your days by golden hours,
Don't remember clouds at all.

Count your nights by stars, not shadows,
Count your life by smiles, not tears;
And with joy on every birthday,
Count your age by friends, not years.

Welcome Friends - Relatives by appointment. 

The seasons may come and go but friends last forever. 

In searching for the rainbow's end, I found not gold, but you my friend. 

A good friend is never forgotten but held forever within the heart. 

Friends have a special way of bringing joy to every day. 

Side by side or far apart, friends are always close at heart. 

A cheerful friend is like a sunny day. 

The best antiques are olde friends. 

Friendships smooth out the ruts on life's road. 

Come and share a pot of tea - My home is warm and my friendship's free. 

Friends and quilts are lifetime treasures. 

Friends are the sparkles on the christmas cookies of life. 

Friendship is a rainbow between two people. 

There's a warmth and joy that never ends between the hearts of 
special friends.

A friend is a blessing. 

"Ewe" are a special friend. 

I asked for a flower, He gave me a garden.
I asked for  a tree, He gave me a forest.
I asked for a river, He gave me an ocean.
I  asked for a friend, He gave me you.

Friendship is a heartful blessing. 

God bless friends. 

Friendship is a bridge of love. 

Sow seeds of kindness, watch friendship bloom.

Grey skies turn blue thanks to you...my friend. 

A friend is one who knows all about you and loves you just the same. 

A friend is a present you give yourself. 

The fact that we're friends just proves one thing...we sure know 
class when we see it!

A true friend is the best possession. 

A friend is one who can share your joy as well as your sadness. 

Love, laughter and friends are always welcome at our home. 

A Friend Is A Treasure
 A friend is someone we turn to, When our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure, For our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives, With beauty, joy and grace.
And makes the world we live in, A better and happier place.

Like rainbows and flowers, friends brighten the hours. 

Friends....you and me.... we'll always be.

A smile is the shortest distance between friends. 

Happiness is....having a friend like you to wish a Merry Christmas to.  (Happy Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) 

Friendship is like a banquet, with dessert served first. 

The best vitamin for making friends:  B1 

A good friend is a found treasure. 

Sometimes the sky seems cloudy all day, until a friend comes along and brightens the way.

Life is a garden and friends are the sunshine that make it grow. 

Neighbors are friends nearby. 

Friends are like walls.  Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes
it's enough just to know they are there.

When friends meet....Hearts (picture) warm. 

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. 

Friendship shared is friendship doubled. 

Old friends and old shoes are the most comfortable.

Friendship is the best gift of all. 

We may not see each other often but it's nice to know you're out there. 

A friend makes your heart feel at home.

Good friends are like fine quilts - they seem to age with you, yet they 
never lose their warmth. 

Simple pleasures shared with friends make life a merry song.

Life without friends is like a garden without flowers.

Rain or shine, you're a very special friend of mine. 

A good friend is someone 
to do nothing much with 
and find "nothing much" so much fun. 
A good friend is talking and talking 
about everything under the sun. 
A good friend is someone who really is glad 
when you've worked for and won a success, 
Someone you don't have to be on your guard with 
or be what you aren't to impress. 
A good friend is so many wonderful someones 
all mixed in a marvelous blend 
Of memory making, of giving and taking, 
a "now and forever" Good Friend. 
                                                   ~ anonymous

Friends are like rainbows. 
This I know. 
Because each color stands alone, 
yet blends together from a distance. 
As friends, we each have our own identities, 
but also have some similarities. 
We have lots in common that we like to do, 
and we have values and morals that are similar. 
A rainbow makes you smile 
just as good friends do too. 
From a distance you can spot a beautiful rainbow, 
just as you can spot good friends - us!

If nobody smiled and nobody cared
and nobody helped us along.
If every moment looked after itself and
good things always went to the strong;
If nobody thought just a little about you
and nobody cared about me,
and we stood all alone, in the battle of life,
What a dreary old world this would be.

Life is sweet, just because, of friends we have made
And the things which in common we share.
We want to live on, not because of ourselves,
but because of the people who care.
It is doing and giving for somebody else
on which all life's splendor depends.
The joy of this world, when you've summed it all up
is found in the making of friends.
~ Author Unknown ~