Commerce City, Colorado

In Loving Memory

Over the years, Union #1 - Adams City High School has lost many classmates. Check your individual class website for names and details. Some have left us much too soon because of illness or tragic accidents.  Others have lost their lives while bravely defending our country.  See "Honoring Our Veterans".  May they all rest in peace. 

Please be safe.  Drink and drive sensibly.  Have a designated driver. Protect yourself and others. Here is a handy measuring guide for you to use when you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.  It is called "The Drink Wheel".  The life you save may be yours or a loved one. See disclaimer.

World War II: John Custy-1936 died of injuries received in the line of duty. The American Legion John Custy Post 151, Commerce City, CO, is named in his honor.

May 20, 1958: Marvin Newberry-1959, Urban Jacques, Jim Roberts, Harry Hayes, Al Fleck, and Butch Younger-1959, were killed when they ditched school and hit a bridge abutment while driving at a high rate of speed.

November 14, 1965: Lynn Eldon Minle, Army died of injuries in Viet Nam.

March 16, 1966: Jerry G. Winslow, Army died of injuries in Viet Nam.

November 1, 1966: William G. Mendenhall, Army died of injuries in Viet Nam.

November 15, 1966: Private First Class Wesley Shimoda-1964 died of injuries in Viet Nam.

February 28, 1967: Private First Class Stanley Miller-1964 died of injuries in Viet Nam.

December 30, 1967: Private First Class William Carl Markle, Jr. -1964/65 died of injuries in Viet Nam.

March 1, 1968: Vern Loyd Williams, Jr., Army died of injuries in Viet Nam.

March 11, 1970: Gary Ray Large, Army died of injuries in Viet Nam.

Graduation 1970: Names unknown. Three classmates and others died in an alcohol related accident.

April 20, 1970: Gerald Dan Gray, Army died of injuries in Viet Nam.

January 18, 1971: Corporal Larry J. "Sonny" Price died of injuries in Viet Nam> (Submitted by Gary Wollenzien)

May 5, 1972: Peter Richard Miller, Army died of injuries in Viet Nam.

November 8, 1972: Michael Willoughby-1975 died from injuries received in an automobile-train accident at a railroad crossing in Adams County. (Submitted by his sister, Cheryl Willoughby Garland, Class of 1974)
October 26, 1977: Patricia Ann Stolte died in a car accident. She was a junior at Adams City High and had a 3 month old daughter. Her and the baby were featured in the Commerce City Sentinel on the new program they had at the high school for teen mothers. (Submitted by Carol Hayward)

September 10, 1978: Barry Gene Harrell-1980, Jeff M. Cain, Jay Chase, and Jerry L. Rimpley died.  Robert Nelson and Robert Blum were injured and survived. They were pedestrians hit by a drunken driver while attending a party near the Stapleton runways.  (Submited by Shirley Brown Wilcoxon, aunt of Barry Harrell)

1980s: Andrea Betts, Rochelle/Rodgell Betts, Teresa Betts, and Mrs. Betts were killed while returning from Mississippi. A semi crossed the median and hit them head on.  The car burst into flames. A child survived.

March 30, 1982: Billy Goodwin-1983, along with another classmate died in a car accident.

January 21, 1997: Lana Getz was murdered. (Submitted by Tammy Cheasebro)

August 27, 1997: Sarah Union-2000, was returning from an away game.  The car she was riding in was hit head on while trying to pass another vehicle. There were multiple fatalities. "Jino Revello, Sarah Union, Cysco ReVello, Changis Massey. I will always remember." (Submitted by ?)

November 1998, Sharon Brown Harrell-1957 died after a long illness. (Submitted by sister, Shirley Brown Wilcoxon)

July 20, 2000: Patricia (Trisha) Green-1995 was murdered.

August 15, 2000: Richard E. Tatro-1970 died in a car accident.

September 2002: Herbert Einwiller-1968/69 was gored to death by his pet elk. Click here for details

August 17, 2006: Private First Class James Arellano-2006 died of injuries in Iraq.

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Try The Drink Wheel. The life you save may be a loved one or your own. See disclaimer.